Our Dreams

…for Ecuador Mi País for the next two years:

1. More Members:

To attract at least 100 committed members to make monthly donations to help sustain unique educational programs held at Casa Victoria Foundation, Quito.

As of April, 2015, we have 15 committed, recurring donors!! Only 85 more caring people to go to reach our 2015 goal!!


2. A Pizza/Café 

To help Casa Victoria Foundation obtain funds and be more self-supported, they want to start a Pizza/Café this year.  They have the perfect place for it:  the “dungeon” of Casa Victoria.  They have the professional Pizza equipment already!  They have started a Pizza delivery….!  All they need is to transform the dungeon into a gorgeous, cozy, fun, excellent serviced Pizza/Café!!  Let´s help transform this place!

unnamed (1)

The street level entrance to the light-green colored house–Casa Victoria–is the door to the “dungeon”-soon-to-be-Pizza/Café


 3. More Volunteers

To  coordinate, at  least, 2 visiting groups and 10 individual women residents per year for volunteering in ministries and NGOs that care for poor children in Ecuador.


Volunteers Group from Christopher Newport University,VA, on their May 2014 trip.  They brought many beautiful school materials for the children and helped on various fixing/up projects at Casa Victoria Foundation


Kathrine, one of dozens of international resident volunteers who have stayed for 3 months at Casa Victoria.


Volunteers from USA with children from”235″ village, Ecuador



Please contact us if you would like to take part in making our dreams a reality!


emails: info@casavictoria.org     emipcasavictoria@gmail.com
address: calle Imbabura 1124 y Loja — Quito, Ecuador
phone: 593 2 295-1134

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