20131230_173043¡Bienvenidos a Ecuador! Ecuador: our home — a beautiful country in the middle of the world! Known for the unique Galapagos Islands, the mighty Andes, the mysterious Amazon jungle–all within a couple of hours flight from each other….so easy to get to; so easy to fall in love with…

But what will grab your heart from the start are the smiling faces of its children. Even though many live in poverty, they are truly joyful.

It has been about 8 or 9 months since our last correspondence!  During this time, there have been a lot of good things happening in Casa Victoria, our favorite NGO in Ecuador:

1) In 2016, received a donation of 12 laptops from the Huawei company, for computers station for the children!!

Children and CV members receiving the laptops at the Huawei event
2) Donated  by a private Ecuadorian company, synthetic grass for the small soccer field!!  What a difference! Beautiful!

Volunteers vs kids….!!
3)  A church mission team from Minnesota blessed Casa Victoria by helping to adapt a wasted space into the children´s eating area–very needed as they did not have one!

Shatter-proof glass cover for lots of light and warmth during lunch time
4) A USA University team of students transformed our front yard into a beautiful flower-filled garden!

Come see for yourself!  Be a volunteer at Casa Victoria through Ecuador Mi País and help these beautiful, but very poor children, expand their minds, their hearts, their skills.

Ecuadormipais.org: the site where you can find the perfect volunteer experience; a site where with confidence and ease, can help you send donations directly to where the child is cared for: Casa Victoria Foundation, Quito, Ecuador

  • ecuador mi pais logo

emails: info@casavictoria.org     emipcasavictoria@gmail.com

address: Calle Imbabura 1124 y Loja — Quito, Ecuador

phone: 593 2 295-1134

4 Responses to OUR HOME: ECUADOR

  1. rainer schwarz says:

    i would like to make an ongoing monthly contribution of $25 and do not see the “donate” button
    anywhere on the site

  2. mamalicia says:

    Hola Rainer–I just saw your donation on our PayPal site. GRACIAS!

  3. ben says:

    hello…i just made an online donation, but i did not receive any kind of response or return email that it was received or processed….just want to make sure it made it to you..

  4. mamalicia says:

    Thank you so much Ben Miller, for your donation. I am sorry that PayPal doesn´t have automatic reply to donations received. I always do that myself after checking our PP account. It did make it and at a very timely moment! Muchas gracias! Blessing to you,
    Director of Casa Victoria Foundation

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